I believe it is the client's right to have an attorney representing them whom they can trust and with whom they feel comfortable.  The relationship between an attorney and a client, especially in family law matters, is an unusually intimate one between relative strangers, which requires communication and trust about highly personal matters.  I view my role as being to use my knowledge of the law and my skills as an advocate to achieve my client's goals to the extent possible; this requires that I listen carefully to my clients to ascertain what is important to them.  I provide my client with options and discuss potential consequences of each.  I endeavor to be completely honest with my clients and as realistic as possible about what to expect from the beginning and throughout the process.  I involve my clients in decision-making at all levels, I keep my clients informed of the status of their cases and of the next steps to be taken, and I respond to my clients' questions as expeditiously as possible.

Attorney at Law