•  Initial Consultation. 
I begin most cases with an initial consultation, which consists of a face-to-face meeting and discussion of the issues, where you tell me what your situation is and I give you my opinion and advice about how best to proceed and what it will involve.  I charge $250.00 for an initial consultation, which usually lasts an hour or so, but I will give you as much time as is needed to address the issues.  Payment is expected at the time of the consultation.  I accept major credit cards, debit cards, check or cash.  
  • Representation. 
At the end of the initial consultation, after I have a sense of what your case involves, how complex the case is, and how much time it will take, I will give you a proposed retainer agreement, which will indicate the amount of the initial retainer I will require.  An initial retainer functions like a down payment on my fees. 
If you decide you want to retain me to represent you, you sign the retainer agreement and send it, plus the initial retainer (and initial filing fees, if any), to me.  I will begin to work on your case immediately.  Each month, I will send you a statement detailing what I have done on your case, how much time it took, and how much is left of the initial retainer.  If the case is over and there is anything left of the initial retainer, I will refund it to you.  If the retainer is expended but the case is still going on, we will have to discuss new options, such as replenishing the retainer, paying on a monthly basis, possibly seeking fees from the adverse party, or terminating the relationship. 
Effective July 1, 2013, my hourly rate for representation is $300.00. 
Attorney at Law